Miriam Foundation Benefit. Golf + Chic Dinner

Under a sheltering summer sky, an art- and antiques-lover /collector and gracious philanthropist hosted a private cocktail/dinner in his home-on-the-hill. It was held after the Miriam Foundation Lori Black Memorial Golf Tournament, played during the day at Hillsdale Golf and Country Club with 192 keen players. Committee members contributing to the event’s success were Herbert Black, Honourary Chair; Norman Bercovitch, Chair and Yanick Blanchard.

Arriving guests admired the stupendous view from his Italianate balcony, beautifully decorated with cool white mandevilla and stunning table bouquets.  A large ice sculpture managed to save its shape in the sweltering heat, as guests sipped champagne and sampled sushi, shrimp and lobster from Mikado. Bob Perras’  team valet-parked a range of cars including an amazing Ferrari, and a beautiful vintage automobile, lovingly buffed to its crimson glory.

E. Leo Kolber and Roni Gandell

Gratefully retiring into the living room  – the house was centrally air-conditioned (of course!) – party goers enjoyed dinner, as they sat at the beautiful polished antique dining table or in the living room’s plush seating, and admired the art.

Véronique St. Pierre and Herbert Black

Ladies wore t0-the-knee dresses, with discrete jewels or chic pant suits. Linen was the order of the day, giving an Italian feel to the magic moment.

Gino Berretta, Danny Minogue

Speaking of Italy, former Alouettes player Gino Berretta, founder of J.E. Hanger, chatted about his vineyard in Tuscany (sigh).

Phil Silverberg, Catherine Malouin, Yanick Blanchard, Barbara Silverberg

People love this annual fundraiser for the Miriam Foundation. Dr. David Kozloff came in from Ogunquit, and Nick Christopoulos (Wells Fargo) arrived from Toronto.

Morton and Bernice Brownstein

Senator E. Leo Kolber and Roni Gandell (Milan-chic in linen) were noted as were Linda Smith, Guy Carbonneau, Vincent Damphousse, Alta Levenson, Barbara and Philip Silverberg, Danny Minogue, Jacques Aubé, Bernice and Morty Brownstein, Danny Lavy, Allen Brandman, Catherine Malouin, Yanick Blanchard, Walter Griesseier, John Rosanvallon, and the Miriam Foundation’s Warren Greenstone executive director ) Nancy Smith (director of events) and Julie Klucinskas. The elegant affair raised $400,000 for the Miriam Foundation, which helps people with autism and developmental disabilities lead fulfilling lives.