Jacques Bouchard Foundation

In many cultures, death is not only openly talked about, it does not carry the heavy grieving of western societies. That being said, palliative care is a painful moment for us all. The The Jacques Bouchard Foundation , supporting palliative home care, was created to ease last moments.

Caroline Bouchard, President,  Jacques Bouchard Foundation

Caroline Bouchard, Founder / President, Jacques Bouchard Foundation

The Jacques Bouchard Foundation (JBF) was created in 2007 by Caroline Bouchard in memory of her husband Jacques Bouchard, founder of BCP and a pioneer in French-language advertising. He passed away at home in 2006. ‘‘My husband spent the last moments of his life holding my hand, in the peace and comfort of our home. The Foundation allows severely ill patients and their families to experience their farewell more gently in the privacy of their own homes. It’s a chance everyone should have – one that makes all the difference in the difficult times surrounding the death of a loved one. ‘‘Many of our patients are in their 40s, as well as teens and children.’’

Denys Arcand

Denys Arcand. One of many celebrities who donated their image for the campaign

In 2015, 300 patients were assisted with palliative home care by the Foundation, allowing them to pass away in the peace of their home surrounded by loved ones. Partnering with CLSCs, the mission of the Foundation is to ensure access to quality private services at the end of life. Access to palliative care at home can be a challenge. In Quebec, only 9.7% of palliative care cancer patients die at home. Yet, if they had the choice, up to 80% say they would prefer to pass away in their home. Palliative home care programs vary from region to region. Some healthcare centres provide only a limited number of professional services and support hours at home. Once this quota is met, patients must find other sources of funding. Some people pay for home care out of their own pockets. Others may have private health insurance or receive assistance from social and community organizations in their area. The Jacques Bouchard Foundation was formed to deal with situations like this. Supported by Quebec celebrities, the non-profit Foundation launches its capital campaign in September 2016.

Pascale Bussières, FJB ambassador, beside an artist's 'addition' to her image. Sale proceeds support the campaign.

Pascale Bussières, FJB ambassador, beside an artist’s ‘addition’ to her image. Sale proceeds support the campaign.

Alexandre Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau, who donated his time and image as well.

The organization of volunteers depends on donors’ generosity. Campaign ambassador is renowned actress Pascale Bussières. She joins Armand Vaillancourt, Pierre Bruneau, Denys Arcand and Alex Bilodeau along with others who have donated their services. Already operating in Greater Montreal, the Laurentides and Monteregie, the Foundation’s plans for expansion, as well as its mission to support more end-of-life patients, drive the 2016 capital campaign. Not only will an ad campaign using the Quebec celebrities’ images  be launched during September, but artists have ‘added’ to each image. The art work is for sale, with proceeds going to the capital campaign.  514.543.4933.