Station 16. Marie-Claude Marquis

STATION 16, on  Saint-Laurent, has a new show! The fun gallery, which specializes in street / urban art, presents Marie-Claude Marquis. Her hilarious pop-plates make gorgeous gifts –  a perfect way to balance the dynamics of holiday family gatherings- display these plates on the walls!





The artist finds kitsch kitchen plates – some vintage, some not – and adds her perfect calligraphic statements. Using Québécois slang, her take is hilarious. The gorgeous works should be hung on a wall (or put on a shelf !) to bring humour to every day. Marquis re-appropriates common chinaware, adding wonderful typographic telegrams. Perfect holiday gift. And perfect for any collector.on-sen-fout_mc-marquiscest-plate_mc-marquis cant-touch-this_mc-marquis

STATION 16, 3523 Saint-Laurent.  OPEN Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays. 514. 849.8016