Creative Collaboration: Artist Andrew Lui + designer Yves Jean Lacasse

We hear from friends that at Frieze NY it was 32 C! May 9 was almost that hot in all senses of the word. Artist Andrew Lui collaborated with fashion designer Yves Jean Lacasse for a unique installation that drew a crowd, both inside Gallery Han, where the private premiere took place, and on the street in the window display.

Lui’s beautiful art – calligraphic sweeps and lyrical colors printed on textural rice paper – sells internationally.

Pascale Bourbeau, Andrew Lui, Veronica Redgrave

And Lacasse has shown his collections in Paris, to name but one European city. As Guest Curator of Andrew Lui’s show – Gilded Age – Lacasse worked with fabric that the artist painted and designed a gorgeous garment fit to be worn to the Met Gala. Seen in the crowd were Gallery director Chloe Ng and assistant Bruno Bertilotti,

Han Art Gallery Director Chloe Ng and assistant Bruno Bertilotti

as well as Wagram founder / CEO Richard Gervais, musician celeb Pascale Bourbeau, author Julie Keith, Han Gallery artist Luis-Fernando Suàrez, journalist / celeb Richard Burnett and mom Lillian Burnett

Nancy Benitz, Richard G. Gervais, Véronique Pourcelet
Luis-Fernandez Suàrez, Lillian and Richard Burnett

artist Jean-Michel Laberge and Louis Villeneuve (RBC Wealth Fund Manager),

Jean-Michel Laberge, Yves Jean Lacasse, Louis Villeneuve

art aficionados Louise and Michel Blouin, Sue and Jawaid Khan (Portfolio Manager, Raymond James), lawyer Bernard Colas, partner CMKZ;  Nicolas Matossian, Jon Wasserman, Cheryl and Alan Goffman, Dorota Kozinska, English editor Vie des Arts, and Dorothy Karkoukly, Rucsandra Calin (Ritz Residences)

Dorothy Karkoukly, Rucsandra Calin